All Black FC is about more than just “play”: It is a place for learning, discipline, and communication. And most importantly, it has offered many of the refugees a new perspective in life. Through that, the club hopes to make a contribution that refugees have the strength to resist forces that want to exploit their misery, as most of them are still left alone in their everyday struggles for survival.

Since its establishment, All Black FC has actively reached out to engage with the wider community. Some of the projects include workshops and seminars at local universities. They also started to set up a network with other ethnic minority teams in the city, with the ultimate goal to have recurring competitions following a common cause of inclusion, tolerance, and friendship.

Outreach activities by refugees:

  • Seminars at schools and universities (“Football as a commoon language”)
  • Workshops at schools and universities
  • Cultural performances

Development activities for refugees:

  • Sportsmanship workshop for refugee players
  • Leadership training
  • Educational seminars

Interested in an activity at your school? Or do you want to support our refugee programs? Please get in touch!