Purpose of Funding

All the money raised from this campiagn will be used to join the Cosmos Football League, one of the most prominent private leagues in town, which costs HKD 25,700.

Why is playing in a league so important?

Although All Black FC treasures every single opportunity to play on the pitch, athletes are all born to test and go beyond their limits. In such sense, playing friendly matches on an ad-hoc basis may not be best way to feed their appetite to fight harder and grow stronger. Without an ID card, refugees/ asylum seekers are barred from joining the local football league in the city, despite their well-proven skills and sportsmanship. Thus, joining a private league is perhaps the only way out for the team.

Currently, all the expenses (including but not limiting to the venue for practice, jerseys and transportation subsidies) are covered by the team’s founder and manager Medard Koya from his own pocket. While Medard is a resident in Hong Kong and thus allowed to work to earn a living himself, the fee to play in a private league for a year is way beyond his means. Therefore, All Black FC sincerely seeks for donations from all of you, in order to celebrate their passion for football and fully ultilize its potentials. The team will not be able to grow sustainably without your kind and generous help.

Who is All Black?

The football team currently consists mostly of refugees and asylum seekers who fled their home country due to war and persecution. Currently the team is also inviting ethnic minorities and underprivileged teens in Hong Kong, who, just like the refugees, face day-to-day discrimination and marginalization, to join All Black FC.



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